Q – Why does the EWFL have different rules to the FA’s Laws of The Game (for walking football)?
– The FA’s LOTG’s allows for variances in certain aspects of the game (i.e. type of ball or length of match) that can be determined by a specific competition underneath their own set of rules in order to unify the format of matches within that particular competition. Very simply, laws should be
applied consistently wherever the game is played whereas competition rules allow for some flexibility and local variance where appropriate to do so. The changes the EWFL Rules Committee made were built upon our experiences last season, views expressed at the EWFL AGM and our consultations with EWFL referees. We have, as far as possible, aligned our rules with those published by the FA. However, players’ health, safety and welfare remain of paramount importance to us and our rules reflect this virtue.

Q – Is there a set day and time of the week for games?
A – Over 60’s and Over 65’s fixtures are usually played on a Tuesday, or a Wednesday or on a Thursday. Kick off times are at 10:00am or 10:30am or
11:00am. This is dependent on where a venue is located and the travelling distance of teams. Over 50’s are played on a Saturday or Sunday as most
over 50’s players work during the week. All EWFL tournaments are held at accredited venues and usually last about three hours to allow for food and a drink at the venue afterwards. The League has the right to review this each season.

Q – How many can play in a team?
A – A team is made of six on-field players (at any one time) with a maximum of three ro-ro subs i.e. nine players on the team sheet.

Q – How long does each game go on for?
A – Each game can be a minimum of 15 mins or to a maximum of 20 mins. The total playing time for a tournament is dependent on the size of the
Division that a team/club is playing in. There is to be a minimum of a two minute half-time break.

Q – How long is the Season?
– The Season runs from the 1st March to the 31st October. From Season 2019 onwards there will be a month’s break in August.

Q – How is the League structured?
A – The League currently has three ‘age-related’ Divisions: An Over 50’s (for players aged between 50 and 60 years old); An Over 60’s (for players aged between 60 and 65 years old); An Over 65’s (for players aged 65 plus).

– As the League structure contains age-related Divisions can an individual aged 50 plus play in all of the EWFL Divisions?
A – No. Players aged 65 plus can play in all three Divisions. Players aged 60 plus but not aged 65 can play in the Over 60’s and Over 50’s but not in the
Over 65’s.

Q – Essex is a big County, there seems a possibility of long journeys, has the League thought about having a North and South Division?
– Having North, South and Central Divisions across each age range has always been our intention but has been dependent on how many teams join the League and where they are located. We are always looking for accredited venues, in particular North and West of the County. The League has the right to review its structure each season.

Q – The league is affilated to the Essex County FA. Why is that?
A – From day one, we decided that this League was going to be affilated to the Football Association as they are the National Governing Body for football, which in our opinion includes ‘walking football’. We will continue to work with the Football Association and our own County FA in promoting walking football in Essex. This of course means all clubs and teams wishing to play in the EWFL are required to be affilated to their local FA and all players must be registered with the EWFL on the FA’s Whole Game System prior to playing in any EWFL fixture.

Q – What is the ‘Fair Play’ League?
– More details on how this is run can be found on our ‘Fair Play League’ web page. Whilst, we expect a degree of competitiveness we will not tolerate a ‘win at all costs’ mentality, any degree of overzealousness from players or teams or bad behavior. Good sportsmanship is expected from all involved. “We Only Do Positive.”

Q – Is there a league membership fee?
A – It was agreed at the November 2019 AGM that each club will pay a £50.00 league club membership fee and a player’s registration fee of £5.00 per player from Season 2020. The League has the right to review this each season.

– What do you mean by ‘competitive’?
– Our intentions are to provide competitive opportunities with no contact between its players. We do not promote a ‘win at all costs’ attitude. We want to cultivate an all inclusive environment in, which players can enjoy themselves. We believe the whole concept of Walking Football is to help others to become more mobile and physically fit and to expand their social circles.