Conduct according to the spirit of Fair Play is essential for the successful promotion and development of and involvement in sport. The objective of Fair Play is to foster a sporting spirit, as well as the sporting behaviour of all League, Club and Team Officials, players and supporters, thereby increasing the enjoyment of all those involved in the game.

In order that clubs may address the behaviour of supporters in a meaningful way, consideration must be given to the actions and activities of four integral parts of those associated with the league, its clubs and teams; its League, Club and Team Officials, club players and club officials.

League has therefore introduced a Fair Play Charter and a Fair Play League. The codes detailed in the Charter, should be abided by at all times. A copy of this Charter can be downloaded from here.

Fair Play League

  1. Points for ‘Fair Play’ are provided by the Match Referee, which are entered on an EWFL Results Sheet.
  2. The Age UK Essex Charity Trophy and the League Knockout Cup (in support of Prostate Cancer UK) are excluded.
  3. Non-attendance at an EWFL tournament by any club/team will mean that the Club/team will not be given a score but their opponent/s will be awarded the maximum of 10 points.
  4. From Season 2019 the ‘Fair Play’ table will be showing the overall average points per game/s (‘PPG’)

Winners Season 2018

Over 50’s Division Joint Winners: Clacton Knights and Concord Rangers Yellows
Over 60’s Division Winners: Eastwood Falcons Blues
Over 65’s Division Winners: Eastwood Falcons

Winners Season 2019

Over 50’s Division Winners: Leyton Orient
Over 60’s Division Winners: Leyton Orient
Over 65’s Division Winners: Southend