Dear EWFL Club representative

In future when we communicate with you by email we will be numbering the document to help you ensure that you receive them.  This is the first of these documents.

Your help is needed.

I am sure that you appreciate that getting the EWFL season up and running this year has been a challenging task for the very small number of volunteers at the EWFL who are trying to make this happen.

Kevin Preston has been trying hard to gain your support to host our league events this season.  We greatly appreciate the support that has been offered thus far but it’s not enough. 

I have attached the current ‘hosting’ schedule (Annex A).  As you can see there are very many gaps at the moment.

There are 19 participating clubs this season and it is imperative that they all play their part in helping to make this a successful season.   We urge you to lend your support to hosting at least one event (of which there are 36).  The ‘hosting’ tasks are not complex.  They are described in the attached Annex B.  This is nothing different from what many of you probably have to do when you host your own tournaments and similar to your training sessions.  These organisers don’t need to be your players but volunteers from your club.  Please try and fill the earliest dates first.

Without your help it will be impossible to stage the events and I am sure that no one wants that.

I look forward to receiving your reply as to the events that you will host.


Terry Buck

Chairman, EWFL


Team Hosting



Generally your responsibilities on the day will be to set out pitches (and clear away after the matches have finished), make sure that the event runs smoothly, that players acknowledge any COVID-19 restrictions and deal with any incidents and emergencies.

At the event

  • Arrive at the venue by no later than 11:45am.
  • Retrieve the black equipment bag (labelled ‘EWFL Kit’) from the groundman’s shed.  (You’ll need to speak to the groundsman whose ‘hut’ is located behind the changing rooms adjacent to the car park access road).

This contains the necessary pitch marker discs, rope to help mark out the penalty areas and a Medical Emergency Action Plan.

  • Attach the Medical Emergency Action Plan to the outer fence
  • Start setting up the pitches as soon as the previous group leave, in accordance with the pitches plan that we will provide in a separate document.
  • Do not allow anyone into the arena (unless they are involved in setting up the pitches) until the pitches have been set up. 
  • Collect Team Sheets from all teams.  This is the link Team Sheet
  • Introduce yourself to the referees
  • Welcome the teams and make sure that they know who you are if you need to handle any incidents on the day.  Invite the referees to say a few words if they wish.
  • Manage timings (especially crucial for Saturday events)
  • Record the scores and referees’ fair play scores on the Result Sheet results sheet  
  • Clear away pitches, return the goals to their storage areas, and return the equipment bag to the groundsman’s shed

After the event

  • Take a photo of the Results Sheet and email to Kevin Preston asap
  • Post original team sheets and results to Kevin.  (We will supply the address).
  • Report any incidents/major injuries/problems experienced to the EWFL Secretary (Peter Osborne)